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Hrvoje Bubić: Intervju sa Scott Ledgerwood



Scott Ledgerwood je američki glazbenik, producent i autor animirane serije The Lil Eva Braun Show. Za Solin Live govori o svom bendu Bam Bam, koji su pioniri grunge zvuka, popularan početkom 90’ih, kao i samom tom žanru i toj lokanoj sceni, o svom kolegi i gitaristu Bam Bam Tommy Martinu, koji je nažalost 18. listopada 2019. preminuo od raka.

For the beginning, tell us about your start, influences, Seattle’s music scene during the 80’s. I hear that, there was a prohibition of concerts?

I met a kid named Chris when I was 12. He knew 2 chords, I knew 3; suddenly we both knew 5! My influences varied; Yardbirds, Doors, Sabbath, Rush, Zeppelin, Neil Young, Alice, Bowie, Iggy, Sweet, Peter Gabriel, Hawkwind, X-Ray Spex, DKs, Pil, Buzzcocks, Black Flag, Black Uhuru, Flipper..

Seattle music scene in the 80s started out wide open; anything goes! We had variety beyond what one may think of from the center of grunge. The Seattle Syndrome days.

There’s been periods through out Seattle history of crack downs on music. In the 40s, the early 60s and definately in the 1980s. Something about..Anti Teen Dance Ordinance or some bullshit they called it. Making the punks and the street kids a scapegoat for anything they deemed bad.

Since so many of the early shows were in all ages venues, booze became a even bigger problem. It gave the cops an easy excuse to be dicks; all they needed was one drunk kid.

They’d close down events even when shown permits. There was phony fire code  and bullshit noise infractions. Or the cops’d outright pick a fight and say we fucking “rioted”. Shit. That’s what made underground places like ‘Behind The Grey Door’ so important.

I first met Kurt Cobain there when The Melvins opened for Bam Bam on their first Seattle show. He was a roadie then, and not a very good one! I got the scratched guitar to proove it. (ha ha)

I guess it sort of faded a bit as we all came of age and started playing bigger halls, more bars & niteclubs. We still did all ages shows, just not as many, and the scene was no longer so dependant on them.

How did you formed Bam Bam? I notice that Matt Cameron, drummer of well know Soundgarden & Pearl Jam, was in first incarnation. Of course, the vocalist Tina Bell, the forerunner of L7 and Hole. Please tell us about it and how was Tina like and with whom you shared the stage?

It’s a bit of a kick that an original member of Bam Bam is in the rock and roll hall of fame, while the rest of us…uh, aren’t quite! (ha ha)

Tommy founded Bam Bam in Spring of 1983. He put an ad in the Rocket for a bass player & drummer and started searching around town. Matt Cameron and I were neighbors in North Seattle, but it was Tommy who’d seen him in a cover band and first suggested we should ..sort of steal him. Mercenaries!

Tina Bell was a beautiful, fucking brilliant woman; the original so called Riot Grrrl! The quintessential rocker. A deep thinker with a big heart and a great sense of humor! She gave me the name Scotty Buttocks.

On stage, she was mesmerizing; as unpredictable as she was explosive. She’d go from a whimper to a taint shredding shreik in a millisecond! She liked to fuck with me on stage sometimes, trying to get me to crack up or just for the fun of it!

Tina helped bring out my best (and Tommy accepted nothing less). Bam Bam shows were focking  intense! She emboldened me; made me ‘know’ myself better and draw from that if I’s feeling wimpy! (ha ha) You know, stand up to the dicks, the challenges and all that with humor if possible.

I’ve heard people say that on stage there was great natural interplay between us. I guess that’s true. I watch the old videos and it’s clear we were having a lot of fun! Yeah, ‘The Bell’.. I really miss her.

You recorded the EP Villians (Also wear white) in 1984. with Chris Hanzsek at Reciprocal Recording. It was mention from C. Hanzek as well Jack Endino that Bam Bam was first band who recorded at Reciprocal Recording. Also, you made a video for the song Ground Zero, which was supposed to be on Deep Six compilation, one of the first grunge albums. Why Ground Zero wasn’t on Deep Six album and why you never record an LP?

Yeah, Billboard Magazine said ‘Villains’ was first {Sept 17, 2011}. And we truly appreciate Jack Endino and Chris Hanzsek for publicly making the assertion of Bam Bam being there at the beginning. (Thanks guys; hugs & tugs)!

All I can say is Ground Zero SHOULD have been on Deep Six. CZ Records had been ‘courting’ us. We’d recorded an albums worth of tracks with Chris Hanzsek and his partner Tina Casale at Reciprocal (She’s the “C” and he’s the “Z”) and they were still coming to our shows after we’d finished. That’s Tina Casale dancing her ass off in the front on the video for Bam Bam’s song ‘Stress’. By 1986 though, Matt, Tom Hendrickson and I had already left and Bam Bam moved to Europe for a while. All would be contributing factors.

Hanzsek was kidding me a couple years back, saying CZ didn’t sign Bam Bam because after I’d left, “the band’s dynamics had changed”… He forgot to add for the better! (ha ha)

In a recent interview he said Mark (Arm) and Jeff (Ament) helped him decide which groups to put on it (Deep Six) by basically suggesting their friends bands, and we were apparently merely acquaintances! (ha ha)!

We recorded an LP’s worth of tracks at Reciprocal in 1984. Problem was, we had no label and even less money. So it was the ‘Villains’ ep, ‘Ground Zero’ video single and self release tapes until this year when ‘Free Fall From Space’ and ‘Bam Bam House Demo ’84’ finally got released on Buttocks Productions.

Grunge as phenomenon that marked the early 90’s. Why Bam Bam never get recognition during the early 90’s, as I mention above before and what is your opinion on grunge movement?

“Grunge”? Shit, the majority of folks who say they like “Grunge” can’t tell you what the fuck it is! Neither can those of us who created “it”! (ha ha)

The story of Seattle “Grunge” would have to be told in 3 parts: the origins (1980s), the golden era of the early to mid 90s, and post Kurt & Mia.

Most tellings have left out or marginalized the contributions of artists such as Tina Bell & Bam Bam, Napalm Beach, Dead Moon, Cannibal, IMIJ, U-men, Fartz, Accused..

A big part of the problem for us was our lack of market presence for so long. Once our mastertapes were found though, we dusted their asses off and released them.

Another big problem is mis-statements or omissions made in early accounts that would later mistakenly become the defacto history of Seattle’s sound.

There was some nepotism, but I don’t think the scene itself was racist or misogynistic; more like the bigger players/powers that couldn’t see a woman, especially one of color fronting a hard band. We certainly experienced racism first hand for sure, but not from the other bands or anything.

And what the fucks with the sub-catagory/term ‘Riot Grrls’? Does L7 & Bikini Kill scare you boys so bad you felt the need for a junior varsity league?! Are Mia & Tina too terrifying?! (ha ha) …it makes ya think though..

It’s always puzzled me how narrow most lists are of bands that make up the “grunge movement”. I mean, look at punk; they got shitloads of bands thought of as ‘legitimate’ reps for the sound. We had more than 5 or 6 ‘grunge’ bands ya know!

I’d have to say that the biggest reason why Bam Bam isn’t given proper due is Tommy and I are COMPLETE dicks, yeah! (ha ha)

5. What was reason of Bam Bam’s break-up? What happen later with Tina as well you? I notice that you formed another band after Bam Bam and collaborated with Heart’s guitar player Roger Fisher as Bam Bam broke up at least twice! There were 2 different Bam Bams: the 4 piece fronted by Tina Bell (1983-1991), and the 3 piece instrumental (1991-1993). By the mid 80s Matt had left, I’d left, Tom Hendrickson had left.

There were other great players, but almost all the music of the four piece Bam Bam had been written by the first two line ups in ’83 & ’84.

The  threepiece instrumental Bam Bam wrote very different music than the Tina fronted 4 piece. Both bands were brilliant in their own way of course! In 1991, Bam Bam was getting ready to head down to record at Dogfish Sound with Drew Canulette when Tina suddenly quit. (Dogfish’s mobil unit did part of Soundgarden’s Screaming Life/FOPP album in the late 1980s). Tina had enough of the racism, misogyny, the general lack of recognition for all she’d contributed to music and the Seattle scene. She was tired of it all, said “fuck this” and simply moved to Las Vegas.

When Tina Bell left, Bam Bam was Nick Rhinehart on bass (Jerry Cantrell Band), Mike Peterson on drums (The Accused), and Tommy Martin on guitarzan. 3 piece Bam Bam had a few releases, the last of which was co-produced by Roger Fisher with Tommy.

After taking a few years off for family, I formed Called In Sic with Bam Bam’s 2nd drummer Tom Hendrickson and my son Ryan on bass in 2001. He’s a beastie on that thing! Tommy joined us in 2010. Called In Sic has released an album, 2 eps, and 10 singles..on various labels, mostly Buttocks Productions. So in a way, Bam Bam still exists! producer.

You also run a produciton Buttocks Productions, doing the animation and music production. Could you tell us something about Buttocks Productions and your cartoon The Lil Eva Braun Show?

I started Buttocks Productions originally for music publishing & promotion. Self publishing gives you control but obviously limits the promo budget. Called In Sic  had a couple deals where Buttocks Productions published and another entity released the music; Orange Puss Records out of the Chicago area, and Sliver Records, Susan Silver’s label.

Buttocks Productions also managed Tina Bell’s affairs in her last years. That was both a challenge and a great joy. I’m probably the only guy in America who’d regularly fly to Las Vegas, yet would never gamble!

In 2012 Tina and Tommy’s son TJ Martin became the first African American to win Best Director for his documatary film ‘Undefeated’. ABC network aired Tina Bell’s last interview on the Academy Awards broadcast that year.

She was sooo worried I wouldn’t be able to get her new Jim Morrison shirt to her in time (she LOVED the Doors). I got it to her alright, but ABC wouldn’t let her wear it without ‘blocking’ out the Doors image! Man she was pissed! (ha ha) ..Fucking miss her..

The Lil Eva Braun Show, yeah. I drew comic books when I was a kid: Superduck and Peckerhead.. I’ve been sick a long time! (ha ha)

Lil Eva Braun is an outlet music doesn’t provide for …my observations, yeah. Her looks are based on my daughter Bethan and her personality is a bit closer to mine!

I chose the name Eva Braun because she was at the center of one of the biggest events in human history, yet was almost completely irrelevant! That amused me for some reason.. My Lil Eva Braun is ALL American though, yeah!

Homework, boys, shop lifting, roller derby. Oh yeah doiby! Her religion of choice; The Evaiscerator!

It takes a while to complete an episode. I do everything: writing, voices, sound effects, music, animation, editing, titles. It can be a fucking pain at 30 frames a second, so I may focus on short bits for a while. I need some eager apprentices!

Doing the Called In Sic and Bam Bam music videos is cool, but I’m plagued with the same slug-on-drugs pace as The Lil Eva Braun Show. Even though I do nearly all my stuff on anime programs now, it still took me several months to do the video for Bam Bam’s Show What You Know.

Tina Bell was a joy to draw. Tom was fun, but Tommy and myself; there’s some scary shit to have to deal with! For the guys I only did basic front & 3/4 front rigs, but for Tina I created full rigs at all angles. Tina’s had several cameo appearances in my cartoons too: in Lil Eva’s science class, the roller derby crowd..

For the end what are your future plans, new projects? I saw the Bam Bam’s album is finally coming. What else is coming on the way?

Bam Bam’s 1984 album ‘Free Fall From Space’ is out now on Buttocks Productions. Co-produced by Chris Hanzsek and Tommy Martin at Reciprocal Recording, mastered by Chris Hanzsek.

Bam Bam’s ‘Villains (also wear white)’ ep is to be remixed by Mr. Tommy Martin at his Speed Of Sound Studios in Seattle. This was one of the first ‘grunge’ records kiddies! Ooo!

Called In Sic’s ‘Called In Sick’ ep (‘The White ep’ ) is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this year with a re-issue in a couple weeks (on Buttocks Productions, duh). ‘The White ep’ is much more of a punk album than ‘New Truth’ or anything you’d call grunge! And there’s some new CIS tunes coming soon.

Former Prince, Janet Jackson, Alan White keyboardist Mark Cardenas joined Called In Sic for the ‘New Truth’ sessions, adding some groovy Hammond B3 to several tracks. Hard core punk to soulful grunge. Never know what’s next!

The Lil Eva Braun Show short vids ‘Grunge Splunge’ and ‘Neighborhood Wallet Watch’ were just released and Lil Eva has several more shorts coming.

I’d also like to release some instrumental Bam Bam. Like most of Bam Bam’s material, it was previously only available on cassette, but we’re now changing all that!

Hopefully someday we’ll see the oft whispered of Tina Bell tribute. There was a lot of talk about a Bam Bam reunion during Called In Sic’s ‘New Truth’ sessions. Tina and I were working together on a couple of new songs. Ryan, Tommy, Tom Tom and I had new songs for Called In Sic and were already being filmed in the studio. Tina was to be interviewed & filmed, then join us for a couple tracks, but… Shit.. shit…

A Tina Bell tribute, yeah. Matt Cameron, Om Johari, Tom Hendrickson.. a couple folks have expressed an interest. Who knows? ..Maybe someday. And give her back her Wikipedia page; God knows she’s earned them both!


Za početak, recite nam o svojim početcima, utjecajima, glazbenoj sceni u Seattleu tijekom 80-ih. Čujem da jena snazi bila zabrana koncerata?

Upoznao sam tipa po imenu Chris kada sam imao 12 godina. Znao je 2 akorda, ja sam znao sam; odjednom smo obojica znali 5! Moji su utjecaji bili različiti; Yardbirds, Doors, Sabbath, Rush, Zeppelin, Neil Young, Alice, Bowie, Iggy, Sweet, Peter Gabriel, Hawkwind, X-Ray Spex, DKs, Pil, Buzzcocks, Crna zastava, Black Uhuru, Flipper ..

Glazbena scena u Seattleu 80-ih počela se širom otvarati; sve je prolazilo! Imali smo raznolikosti izvan onoga što netko može zamisliti od središta grungea. Dani Syndroma u Seattleu.

Prostoje razdoblja u povijesti Seattlea koja se mogu smatrati ranim početcima glazbe. U 40-ima, ranim 60-ima i definitivno u 1980-ima. Nešto u vezi s Pravilnikom o plesu za tinejdžere ili neko slično nazvano sranje. Htjeli su da punkeri i djeca s ulice budu žrtveni jarac za sve što su smatrali lošim.

Budući da je mnogo ranih nastupa bilo za svaku dob, piće je postalo još veći problem. Policajcima je to bio lak izgovor da budu pokvareni; Trebalo im je samo jedno pijano dijete. Zatvorili bi događaje čak i kad bi imali sve dozvole. Postojao je lažni vatrogasni kod i slične gluposti. Ili bi policajci započinjali svađe i rekli da smo se mi “pobunili”. Sranje. Zbog toga su podzemna mjesta poput “Behind the Grey Door’s” postala tako važna.

Tamo sam prvi put upoznao Kurta Cobaina kada su se The Melvins bili predgrupa za Bam Bam na njihovom prvom nastupu u Seattlu. Tada je bio roadie, i ne baš dobar! Imam izgrebanu gitaru kao dokaz. (ha ha)

Valjda je sve pomalo izblijedilo kako smo svi stasali i počeli svirati u većim dvoranama, više barova i noćnih klubovai dalje smo nastupali za sve dobne skupine, samo ne toliko, a scena više nije bila toliko ovisna o njima.

Kako ste formirali Bam Bam-a? Primjećujem da je Matt Cameron, bubnjar dobro poznatih Soundgarden & Pearl Jam, bio u prvoj inkarnaciji. Naravno, vokalistica Tina Bell, preteča L7 i Hole. Recite nam molim vas o tome i kava je Tina bila i s kim ste dijelili pozornicu?

Malo imponira da je originalni član Bam Bam-a u rock and roll dvorani slavnih, dok mi ostali … uh, nismo baš! (ha ha)

Tommy je osnovao Bam Bam u proljeće 1983. U Raketu je stavio oglas za basistu i bubnjara i počeo pretraživati ​​grad. Matt Cameron i ja bili smo susjedi u Sjevernom Seattlu, ali  ga je Tommy zapravo vidio u bandu i prvi nam predložio da ga … ukrademo. Plaćenici!

Tina Bell bila je lijepa, jebeno sjajna žena; original takozvani Riot Grrrl! Najvažniji rocker. Dubok mislilac s velikim srcem i sjajnim smislom za humor! Ona mi je dala ime Scotty Buttocks.

Na pozornici je očaravala; jednako nepredvidiva koliko i eksplozivna. Prelazila je iz slabašnog do prljavog usitnjenog krika u milisekundi! Voljela me zeje*** na pozornici, pokušavajući me natjerati da se raspuknem ili samo zbog zabave!

Tina je pomogla da izvučem najbolje iz sebe (a Tommy nije prihvatio ništa manje). Bam Bamovi nastupi su bili j*** intenzivni! Oduševila me; natjerala me da se bolje ‘upoznam’ znam i crpim iz toga ako se osjećam slabo! (ha ha) Znate, suprotstavite se gupanima, izazovima i svemu tome uz humor, ako je moguće.

Čuo sam ljude kako kažu kako je na pozornici postojala sjajna prirodna interakcija među nama. Valjda je to istina. Gledam stare videozapise i jasno je da smo se jako zabavljali! Da, ‘The Bell’ .. stvarno mi nedostaje.

Snimili ste EP Villians  1984. godine s Chrisom Hanzsekom na Reciprocal Recording. C. Hanzek, kao i Jack Endino, spomenuli su da je Bam Bam prvi bend koji je snimao na Reciprocal Recording. Također, snimili ste video za pjesmu Ground Zero, koja je trebala biti na kompilaciji Deep Six, jednom od prvih grunge albuma. Zašto Ground Zero nije bio na albumu i zašto nikad niste snimili LP?

Da, časopis Billboard Magazine rekao je da su” ‘Villains’ ” prvi snimali {17. rujna 2011}. I istinski cijenimo Jacka Endina i Chrisa Hanzseka što su javno iznijeli tvrdnju da je Bam Bam tamo na početku. (Hvala momci; zagrljaji i teglice)!

Sve što mogu reći je da je Ground Zero trebao biti na Deep Sixu. CZ Records nas je ‘udvarao’. S Chrisom Hanzsekom i njegovom partnericom Tinom Casale snimili smo album Reciprocal (Ona je “C”, a on “Z”) i još su dolazili na naše nastupe nakon što smo završili. To je Tina Casale koja pleše u prvom redu u spotu za pjesmu Bam Bama ‘Stress’. Do 1986. godine, Matt, Tom Hendrickson i ja već smo otišli, a Bam Bam se nakratko preselio u Europu. Sve bi to pridonijelo.

Hanzsek se prije nekoliko godina, šalio rekavši da CZ nije potpisao s Bam Bamom, jer se nakon što sam otišao, “dinamika benda promijenila” … Zaboravio je dodati na bolje! (ha ha)

U nedavnom intervjuu rekao je da su mu Mark (Arm) i Jeff (Ament) pomogli da odluči koje će skupine staviti na njega (Deep Six) u osnovi sugerirajući bendove svojih prijatelja, a mi smo očito bili samo poznanici! (ha ha)!

Snimili smo album vrijedan LP na Reciprocalu 1984. Problem je bio u tome što nismo imali etiketu a još manje novca. Dakle, to je bio epitet ‘Villains’, videospot ‘Ground Zero’ i snimke za samoizdanje sve do ove godine kada su ‘Free Fall From Space’ i ‘Bam Bam House Demo’ 84 ‘konačno objavljeni na Buttocks Productions.

Grunge kao fenomen koji je obilježio rane 90-e. Zašto Bam Bam nikada nije dobio priznanje tijekom ranih 90-ih, kao što sam već spomenuo prije i kakvo je vaše mišljenje o grunge pokretu?

“Grunge”? S**, većina ljudi koji kaže da vole “Grunge” ne može vam reći što je to dovraga! Ni mi koji smo to stvorili ne mogu! (ha ha)Priču iz Seattlea “Grunge” trebalo bi ispričati u 3 dijela: Začetci (1980.), Zlatno doba ranih do sredine 90-ih i Post Kurt & Mia.

Većina priča zanemarila je ili marginalizirala doprinose umjetnika poput Tine Bell & Bam Bam, Napalm Beach, Dead Moon, Cannibal, IMIJ, U-men, Fartz, Accused…Veliki dio problema, za nas, bio je nedostatak prisutnosti na tržištu. Nakon što smo pronašli naše master snimkes, oslobodili smo ih i objavili ih.Drugi veliki problem su pogrešne izjave ili propusti u ranim istupima, koji bi kasnije pogrešno postali defaktna povijest zvuka Seattlea.Postojao je neki nepotizam, ali mislim da sama scena nije bila rasistička ili mizoginistička; više poput velikih svirača / moćnika koji nisu mogli vidjeti ženu, pogotovo onu u boji koja prednjači tvrdom bendu. Rasizam smo sigurno doživjeli iz prve ruke sigurno, ali ne iz drugih bendova ili bilo čega.

A što se je s podkategorijom / pojmom ‘Riot Grrls’? Plaši li vas L7 i Bikini Kill  toliko da ste osjetili potrebu za juniorskom ligom sveučilišta ?! Jesu li Mia i Tina previše zastrašujuće ?! (ha ha) … zamisliš se …      Uvijek me zbunjuje koliko je većina lista bendova koji čine “grunge pokret” sužena. Mislim, pogledaj punk; dobili su hrpu grupa koje se smatra „legitimnim“ predstavnicima zvuka. Imali smo mi više od 5 ili 6 ‘grunge’ bendova, znate!

Moram reći da je najveći razlog zašto Bam Bam nije propisno priznat taj što smo Tommy i ja SAVRŠENI Idioti, da! (ha ha)

Što je bio razlog raspada Bam Bama? Što se kasnije dogodilo s Tinom? Primjećujem da ste osnovali drugi bend nakon Bam-a Bam-a i surađivali s Heart-ovim gitaristom Rogerom Fisherom dok se Bam Bam razilazio najmanje dva puta! 

Postojala su dva različita Bam- Bama: četverodijelni s Tina Bell (1983-1991) i 3 dijelni instrumental (1991-1993). Do sredine 80-tih Matt je otišao, ja sam otišao, otišao je Tom Hendrickson.

Bilo je i drugih sjajnih svirača, ali gotovo svu glazbu četveronožnog Bam Bam-a napisali su prva dvojica članova u ’83 i ’84.

Tročlani instrumentalni Bam Bam napisao je vrlo drugačiju glazbu od onog četverodijelnog s Tinom. Oba benda bila su sjajna na svoj način, naravno! Bam Bam se 1991. spremao da krene na snimanje na Dogfish Soundu s Drew Canulette kad je Tina odjednom odustala. (Mobilna jedinica Dogfish-a činila je dio Soundgardenovog albuma Screaming Life / FOPP krajem 1980-ih). Tin je bilo dovoljno rasizma, mizoginije, općeg nepriznavanja za sve čime je doprinijela glazbi i sceni u Seattlu. Bila je umorna od svega toga, rekla je “jebi ovo” i jednostavno se preselila u Las Vegas.

Kad je Tina Bell otišla, Bam Bam je činio Nick Rhinehart na basu (Jerry Cantrell Band), Mike Peterson na bubnjevima (The QAccused), a Tommy Martin na gitarijani. Tročlani Bam Bam imao je nekoliko izdanja, od kojih je posljednji u koprodukciji Roger Fisher s Tommyjem.

Nakon nekoliko godina odmora zbog obitelji, osnovao sam Called In Sic s Bam Bam-ovim bubnjarom Tomom Hendricksonom i mojim sinom Ryanom na basu 2001. On je najbolji u tome! Tommy nam se pridružio 2010. Called In Sic objavio je album, 2 epsa i 10 singlova..u raznim etiketama, uglavnom Buttocks Productions. Na neki način, Bam Bam još uvijek postoji!

Vi također vodite Buttocks Productions, baveći se animacijom i glazbenom produkcijom. Možete li nam reći nešto o produkciji Buttocks Productions i vašem crtanom filmu Lil Eva Braun?

Osnovao sam sa Buttocks Productions radi objavljivanja i promocije glazbe. Samostalno objavljivanje daje vam kontrolu, ali očito ograničava proračun za promociju. Called In Sic imao je nekoliko ugovora koje je Buttocks Productions objavio, a drugi su objavili glazbu; Orange Puss Records izvan područja Chicaga i Sliver Records, etiketa Susan Silver.

Buttocks Productions je upravljao i poslovima Tine Bell u posljednjim godinama. To je bio i izazov i velika radost. Ja sam vjerojatno jedini tip u Americi koji bi redovno letio u Las Vegas, a da se nikad ne bi kockao!

2012. godine Tinin i Tommyjev sin, TJ Martin postao je prvi Afroamerikanac koji je osvojio  nagradu za najboljeg redatelja za svoj dokumentarni film ‘Nepobjeđen’. Mreža ABC emitirala je posljednji intervju Tine Bell na dodjeli akademskih nagrada te godine.

Bila je tako zabrinuta da joj neću uspjeti na vrijeme donijeti novu majicu Jima Morrisona (obožavala je The Doors). Poslao sam je na vrijeme ali ABC joj nije dopustio da je nosi bez da ‘blokira’ sliku The Doorsa! Čovječe, bila je bijesna! (ha ha) .. J*** mi nedostaje ..

Lil Eva Braun Show, da. Crtao samstripove kad sam bio dijete: Superduck i Peckerhead .. da već sam dugo „bolestan“! (ha ha)

Lil Eva Braun, odušak za ono što glazba ne pokriva … moja zapažanja, da. Njezin izgled temelji se na mojoj kćeri Bethan a njezina je osobnost malo bliža mojoj!

Odabrao sam ime Eva Braun jer je bila u središtu jednog od najvećih događaja u ljudskoj povijesti, a ipak je bila gotovo u potpunosti nevažna! To me iz nekog razloga zabavilo .. Mada, moja Lil Eva Braun je POSVE američka, da!

Domaći uradci, momci, krađa po dućanima, derbiji . Uvjerenje- Evaiscerator!

Potrebno vrijeme da se završi jedna epizoda. Sve radim sam: tekst, glasove, zvučne efekte, glazbu, animaciju, montažu, podnaslove. Bolno je raditi 30 sličica u sekundi, tako da se mogu usredotočiti na manje djelove odjednom. Trebam nadobudnog pomoćnika!

Snimanje glazbenih spotova Called In Sic i Bam Bama je super, ali me muči isti tempo kao i kod The Lil Eva Braun Showa. Iako sada gotovo sve radim na anime programima, trebalo mi je nekoliko mjeseci da snimim video za Bam Bam’s Show What You Know.

Tina Bell sam rado crtao. Tom je bio zabavan, ali Tommy i ja; treba se suočiti s nekim zastrašujućim sranjima! Za dečke sam radio samo osnovne prednje i 3/4 prednje kadrove, ali za Tinu sam stvorio puni obujam pod svim kutovima. Tina je imala i nekoliko kameo uloga i u mojim crtićima: u The litle Eva Brown showu na derbijima rolanja.

Potrebno vrijeme da se završi jedna epizoda. Sve radim sam: tekst, glasove, zvučne efekte, glazbu, animaciju, montažu, podnaslove. Bolno je raditi 30 sličica u sekundi, tako da se mogu usredotočiti na manje djelove odjednom. Trebam nadobudnog pomoćnika!

Snimanje glazbenih spotova Called In Sic i Bam Bama je super, ali me muči isti tempo kao i kod The Lil Eva Braun Showa. Iako sada gotovo sve radim na anime programima, trebalo mi je nekoliko mjeseci da snimim video za Bam Bam’s Show What You Know.

Tina Bell sam rado crtao. Tom je bio zabavan, ali Tommy i ja; treba se suočiti s nekim zastrašujućim sranjima! Za dečke sam radio samo osnovne prednje i 3/4 prednje kadrove, ali za Tinu sam stvorio puni obujam pod svim kutovima. Tina je imala i nekoliko kameo uloga i u mojim crtićima: u The litle Eva Brown showu na derbijima rolanja.

Za kraj, koji su vaši planovi za budućnost,neki novi projekti? Vidio sam da Bam-ov album konačno dolazi. Što je još u pripremi?

Album Bam Bama iz 1984. ‘Free Fall From Space’ izlazi sada preko Buttocks produkcije. Koproducenti su Chris Hanzsek i Tommy Martin iz Reciprocal Recording, a master je radio je Chris Hanzsek.

Gospodin Tommy Martin će napraviti remiks Bam Bamovih  “Villains“(također nose bijelo)” u njegovom studiju Speed ​​Of Sound u Seattlu. Djeco, ovo je bio jedan od prvih ‘grunge’! Ooo!

Called In Sic epizom “Called In Sick” (“the white ep”) ove godine slavi 15. godišnjicu s ponovnim izdanjem za nekoliko tjedana (Buttocks Productions, duh). “The white ep” mnogo je više punk album nego ‘New truth’ ili nešto što biste nazvali grunge! A uskoro stižu i neke nove melodije CIS-a.

Bivši Princeov, Janet Jacksonin, klavijaturist Alan White Mark Cardenas pridružio se Called In Sic na sesijama „New truth“, dodavši nekoliko živahnih Hammonda B3 u nekoliko pjesama. Hard core punk do srodnog grungea. Nikad se ne zna što slijedi!

Upravo su objavljeni kratki videi Lil Eva Braun ‘Grunge Splunge’ i ‘Neighbourhood Wallet Watch’, a u pripremi je i još nekoliko kratkih filmića o Lil Evi.

Također bih htio objaviti neke instrumente Bam Bama. Kao i većina Bam-ovih materijala, prije su bili dostupni samo na kaseti, ali sada to mijenjamo!

Nadam se da ćemo jednog dana vidjeti šaptače Tribute to Tina Bell. Mnogo se pričalo o ponovnom okupljanju Bam-a Bamom tijekom sesija Called In Sic za „New truth“. Tina i ja zajedno smo radili na nekoliko novih pjesama. Ryan, Tommy, Tom Tom i ja imamo nove pjesme za Called In Sic i već su snimljene u studiju. Tinu je treba intervjuirati i snimiti, a onda će nam se pridružiti na nekoliko pjesama, ali … sranje … sranje …

Tribute Tini Bell, da. Matt Cameron, Om Johari, Tom Hendrickson … nekoliko je ljudi izrazilo interes. Tko zna? ..Možda jednog dana. Vratite joj stranicu na Wikipediji; Bog zna da je oboje zaslužila!



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